Outlook 2000 oddities

I recently discovered very peculiar behavior in Outlook 2000 with Acrobat 6 or greater installed. If a user recieves PDF’s in an e-mail, not all PDF’s mind you. Outlook will download the PDF to the secure temp location BEFORE the user opens the actual attachment. This of course can be very irritating with 7000 users and a broadcast e-mail that is 50k to 360 sites with small WAN connections.

We found some very interesting things after long drawn out cases with MS.

  1. Scenario does not occur in newer versions of Outlook.
  2. Version of Exchange does not seem to matter.
  3. If you install Acrobat reader 5.0 the issue seems to go away and DDE still opens up Acrobat 6.0 (possible work arround)

I may have some leads on some other fixes that I will post here but at this point I don’t know their impact.