Lexus IS350 vs. BMW 335xi

First and foremost let me begin with this is less of a comparison than an open letter to Lexus regarding what I would like them to change in the IS350 to keep me from purchasing a 335xi. I am a current IS300 owner and I love the car, in fact my wife has a GX470 and I am a loyal Lexus customer.  I love everything about what makes a Lexus a Lexus, the service, the fit and finish, the dealership experience and last but not least the fact that it is a Toyota.

This fall I began the process of selecting my next car to be purchased in the fall of 2008. My criteria were; 4 door sports sedan, rear or all wheel drive, good performance, comfortable, quiet, low TCO and dependable. I quickly came to the conclusion that the IS350 was for me. I went to the Lexus dealership and was immediately dismayed. I am 6’3” and my head brushed the headliner unless the sunroof shade was open, the seats were not comfortable and the interior seemed to have shrunk from the IS300. Undeterred I drove the vehicle, I was very impressed with its driving characteristics. The IS350 was mild mannered, quiet, fun to drive, but yet not so aggressive that it was fatiguing on long trips.

Even with a good driving performance I left the Lexus dealership feeling betrayed, where was the IS300 I so loved? Lexus had made it into something I would have a hard time purchasing. After several weeks of mulling I had some free time and I stopped at a BMW dealership; I was impressed. The 335xi was very comfortable (the sport seats are amazing), my head had plenty of room, the fold down rear seats is a great addition, and the back seat was usable. Not to mention it was quicker than the IS350 on paper and it had all wheel drive (great for MN winters). Now comes the bad part, the dealership experience was awful, unauthentic sales, poor service process, and a lack of true interest in the customer. In other words they were worried about this sale not acquiring a long term customer. As for the car it lacked what I love about my Lexus, intuitive interior, quiet ride, well placed and functional luxury.

Lexus PLEASE do the following with the ’09 IS350. I do not wish to compromise on a vehicle and I find myself in agreement with the Lexus design vision. But hitting my head while driving is out of the question!

  1. Restore headroom
  2. Offer a sport seat with better support
  3. Restore a usable backseat
  4. Offer AWD in the IS350
  5. Keep me a loyal Lexus customer!

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  1. did you send that to Lexus and BMW?

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