Adding Operating System Install Package Notes

Here is what I have seen as the most common issue when adding an operating system install package.

If you get the error “The specified directory does not contain a valid operating system or you do not have permission to access it. Please specify a valid source directory”. The most common cause is permissions. Remember that the SMS provider needs to access the share to import it which runs under the context of the computer account where the SMS provider runs. For most organizations this will be the computer account of the SCCM Primary Site server.

  • To correct this grant the computer account or a group that contains a computer account (the group you uses to grant access to the System Management container in AD would be great here) Read access to the share and directory.
  • Note that you will likely have to reboot the SMS provider computer if the computer account was not in the group you use above before it was last rebooted (the computer logs on to add during the boot process).

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  2. Just to let you know, on my Windows 2008 deployment of SCCM 2007 (with all roles on 1 server in a test environment), I had to just add the built-in SYSTEM security principal to the share permissions to make it work. Adding the machine account did absolutely nothing except confuse me as to why it wasn’t working. Thanks for the advice anyways!

  3. Matthew,

    I am assuming that you are talking about when you were either importing the WIM or the operating system package. If the share is on the local system it may use system to access the share, remote would be where the computer account is used. Also, your NTFS permissions should already have system present and your share permissions would include either everyone or Administrators and Users which would include system.

  4. Ya, I get that message and have all the permissions set correctly. Only difference is my image was created using the OSD Feature pack from SMS2003. Any insight into this problem?

  5. […] Import XP SP2 as an operating system Install Package (Note most common issue here. […]

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