How to remove Rule Lines in Microsoft OneNote 2007 on a Tablet

First of all let me first say that I struggled with this for FAR too long. When I input into OneNote via pen I tend to use the tablet input panel rather than inking directly into OneNote. Therefore I was trying to edit the “Default” template in OneNote on my tablet to not include rule lines.  I would open the templates, switch to page setup, make the change to rule lines and reapply the template. No matter what I did I couldn’t remove the rule lines, I could change the rule lines but not remove them, even though it would reflect the change in Page Setup. I then came across this KB which lead me to believe there must be a global setting somewhere (why they don’t tell you where this is in the KB I don’t know).

Assuming this had to be in options I opened Tools | Options and sure enough there is a check box for “Create all new pages with rule lines”. At last, no more rule lines.

On a separate note it does appear that you can do some amount of template customization without creating your own templates. This is not very intuitive but if you create a new page and then switch to Font,  Page setup, etc in the right side pane and make a change it appears to save back to the template (you may also have to change back to the templates section to get it to save, I did not test this extensively). I am not sure to what depth you can customize but you can make some basic changes.

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  2. There is also a template manager at It allows you to create pages and apply them to existing notebooks as pages – but be careful. It works separately from the template system built into OneNote.


  3. Thank god! Thank you so much for sharing your find so I didn’t share in all the suffering.

  4. Or you could toggle the “Show/Hide Rule Lines” button on the Writing Tools toolbar. Solved.

  5. Thanks! I looked for this a couple of times and somehow over looked the setting in the options dialog box.

  6. The easiest way is as Ryan says.
    Tools -> Customize. Check the ‘Writing Tools’ box in the toolbar tab then click close. The writing tool bar should not be enabled on the top of your page. From there you can select/deselect the ‘Show/Hide Rule Line’ option. (Repeat to inhibit the Writing Toolbar as desired.)

    • You are exactly correct Shay and Ryan. Interestingly this was not the case in 2007 for which it was written. Good luck!

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