Update: Got my clear license plate cover ticket dismissed

A couple of weeks ago I got a ticket for a clear license plate cover that I documented here. I went to court today with pictures of it on and off and the very nice hearing officer dismissed it for me. She indicated that the officer will shine a light on the cover and if it reflects at all it is illegal. In addition if a rock hits the shield it would then be obscured which would make it illegal. I asked what happens if a rock hits the plate which she indicated was a good question but it didn’t matter.

So the short answer is I have to take the cover off the plate if I don’t want another ticket but at least I don’t need to pay $108!.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Tim,

    I just got a ticket for the same thing, it didn’t say in any of the MN drivers manuals that I couldn’t use a clear cover. Could you drop me an email? I’d like to know who you talked to in court and what you said to get the charge dismissed.


  2. I just got a ticket in St. Paul for the same thing. Who did you talk to in court to get it dismissed?

    • I just went into the court house and waited in line. I did bring pictures of the plate with the cover removed.

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