Living the Great Commission: Seek the Kingdom

I am in a Men’s group at my church called Kingdom Warriors. It is an absolutely awesome group that exemplifies the biblical example of accountability and fellowship. Recently we had a study on an excerpt of a book by John Eldredge called The Way of the Wild Heart that spoke about the idea of bravery. When we were discussing the study in my group many of the struggles with bravery were related to a specify sin in the persons life. At this point it dawned on me that while I struggle with sin in my life as much as any man what I struggle most with is seeking the kingdom, the first half of Matthew 6:23. What I mean is that I am often lacking in fulfilling The Great Commission. I don’t mean that I wish to be the next Billy Graham; far from it. What I mean is that I am often reluctant to share the hope that I have with those around me for fear that they will call me a hypocrite. The unfortunate thing is that the fact that I am far from perfect is the beauty of my faith. The fact that I still sin yet I am still forgiven and still bound for heaven is the “Good News”. This hope that salvation has been given by Grace, as a gift that I have no bearing upon (Ephesians 2:8-9).

So what’s the point? I need to share the hope that I have, it is really good news. I have no fear of death, I know that my God does all things in life for good. I know that my God Loves me so much that he sent his Son to die for me. I know that the creator of the universe has adopted me as a son and gives me the greatest father-son relationship ever. I know that my actions have no bearing on my salvation, Grace is more than sufficient. So many think that Christianity is slavery to rules, it is the opposite. Freedom from sin, knowing that I am indeed saved. Now does that mean I continue to sin, no (Romans 6:1-2). But my actions have no bearing on my salvation. I am content, I am loved and I have no fear of death. How can I not share?


3 Responses

  1. Hey bud…thanks for sharing what God has been doing in your heart lately. Let’s talk about it soon.

  2. Imagine, I came here seeking answers to some tech junkie problems and find encouraging words of wisdom and and messages from our Lord.

    Thank you for sharing this


  3. It’s great to see a fellow techie believer posting up about things that really matter. Found your write up on the windows XP sysprep very useful. Well done!

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