Failed to download pre-requisite components (0x80090024)

This error may be the root of evil, it actually means virtually nothing other than your screwed and that your not going to complete SCCM setup today.

I was recently at a customer helping them setup SCCM 2007 R2 and no matter what we did on one machine we couldn’t get SCCM setup to complete. If we tried to download the pre-requisite components we would get the error above. If we downloaded them first (setup.exe /download <downloadlocation>) it would just fail later in setup with a hash check error (File hash check failed 0x80090024). We literally troubleshot this for two days until we figured it out. We did the following to try to resolve.


  • Download on different machine and copy
  • Remove PacketShaper and IDS from inline
  • Rebuild Server
  • Update BIOS
  • Add automatic configuration of Proxy
  • All combinations of above


  • Succeed: Run install on separate machine on same domain against same SQL server
  • Manual MD5 hash check of file!

Must be a hardware problem right? It only ever fails on this box? Gotta be… Well we ran Hardware diagnostics and it came up perfect.

So what was the problem? The user that was logged in had a faulty terminal services mandatory profile. For whatever reason this caused the download to fail. The reason it worked on other machines is that we were not logged in via terminal services. Lesson learned? Make sure your profile is working…