Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

I have been running Windows 7 since M3, and I have to say I am VERY impressed. I can’t say that it is straight line faster than Vista but it doesn’t feel sluggish like Vista can at times. In that vein I came across a great article on Tips and Tricks that I wanted to share here. It is a great article and I encourage you to read it however. I wanted to call out a few of my favorite features.


  • The new task bar (Beta 1 and later), its ability to manage lots of windows is vastly improved. It groups things together but then when you click or hover it expands to show all windows with actual pictures (very hard to print screen). Also when you hover over one of the expanded windows it brings it to the forefront on your screen and removes other windows from view other than their outline.
  • The new calculator, I know simple right? It shows you what your calculations have been (Options | History)
  • Direct Access. No more VPN HORRAY!!!! This also gives me two factor login which I love.
  • Directly Mounting VHDs; this will prove to be very useful over time
  • Native burning of ISOs and IMG no more freeware app I worry about
  • Background images; now both RSS feeds and rotating pictures are supported


I hope that you find this useful, and no, I have not figured out how to deploy Windows 7 with SCCM OSD yet. I will though!


2 Responses

  1. Just a note about your last paragraph…it was announced at MMS that deployment of Windows 7 will only be supported with ConfigMgr SP2. Also…there will be no support for deploying Win7 with SMS2003 (something I have been asked a few times).

    • Thanks Jarvis. At the time of the post it was not public about SP2. I still believe with a little bit of scripting this could have been made to work but with the public availability of SP2 beta now it is a non-issue.

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