Pigs fly! Microsoft leads in security according to InfoWorld

According to Roger Grimes at InfoWorld many leading security experts are giving Microsoft security accolades. Have a look at the article and decide for yourself but it does seem to me that the tide has been shifting for many years.


Some Notable Quotes from article:

  • “Many of the world’s most knowledgeable security experts are urging their favorite software vendors to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft.”

  • "Microsoft becomes high priest of secure software development." — CNET

  • “As an industry we should recognize the sea change in Microsoft’s approach to security… and encourage other vendors to follow Microsoft’s lead." — SANS NewsBites

  • “In 2004 Microsoft was a couple years into its Trustworthy Computing Initiative but it remained the software company IT security practitioners hated with glee…. That’s not so much the case today." — Computerworld

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