System Center Service Manager Installation Notes

I recently set off to install SCSM 2010 SP1 into a production environment for the first time. I thought I would share a few things I found out that I wished I had known before my install. This is not to say that if I would have read through the planning and preparation guides on TechNet which are relatively short that I wouldn’t have know this stuff, but who reads that before they install? So here we go:

That is all I have for now, if I discover more I will let you know!

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  2. Can we install SCSM on ONE server or do we need to have a separate server for Data Warehouse ?

    Also, do we need to have SCOM in order for SCSM to create tickets, helpdesk features and KB or it can run independently ?

    Will be grateful for your reply

    • You can most certainly install on a single computer, TechNet has all these details.

      SCSM does not require SCOM or any other monitoring tool but automated tickets require a tool such as SCOM. Hope that makes sense?

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