Marriott Rewards or Hilton HHonors? A Comparison.

I am currently a “Hilton Guy” but I have been debating switching over to Marriott. I did some research about the rewards for each in the table below. I didn’t see a way to easily compare rewards redemption so I left that out. This page is an accumulation of the information I found during my research. I didn’t include my own opinion so you can come to your own conclusion. I also included references to the websites I used for your own reference and more details. There are also some comparisons that cannot be easily made. The most significant for me is the overall quality of a Fairfield vs. a Hampton. I have stayed at many Hampton’s and they are functional and clean. I have never had a “bad” Hampton. I don’t have this same level of experience to be able to say this about Fairfield. However I have “heard” people say they generally prefer Hampton over Fairfield or have found “bad” Fairfield’s. This is a terrible comparison but one that is necessary if you travel to less common destinations in the US. The second comparison is the location and numbers of properties available. Hilton claims to have 3700 properties and Marriott 3200. It seems that there are Hilton properties in more rural locations and but again this is very subjective. It also seems that there are Marriott’s in more convenient locations for the business traveler, also very subjective. I hope that you find the information helpful. The information was collected in September 2011.


  Marriott Platinum Marriott Gold Marriott Silver Hilton Diamond Hilton Gold Hilton Silver
Nights Required 75 50 10 60 Nights
28 Stays
36 Nights
16 Stays
10 Nights
Guaranteed Availability 48 hrs.     48 hrs..    
Arrival Gift (Water, Food or Points) x     x x  
Dedicated Reservation Line x          
Guaranteed Room Type x x        
Room Upgrade x x   x x  
Lounge Access x x   x x  
Free Breakfast x x   x x  
Free Internet x x   x x  
Free Local Phone / Fax x x        
Free Fitness Center       x x x
Points Bonus 50% 25% 20% 50% 25% 15%
Priority Late Check Out x x x x x x
Weekend Discount x x x      
Gift Shop Discount x x x      


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Hilton References: