Update on Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

If you read my last post about the challenges I have had with my Garmin Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) strap you know I elected to buy a Polar strap to try to resolve my issues. As I noted in my previous post I bought an XS here at Amazon. I got it and quickly realized the sizing was way off. I went back and ordered the M-XXL. However when I got the strap it was not the “Wearlink” version but rather the “Soft Strap” version here. I emailed the seller through Amazon and they proceeded to tell me that Polar no longer makes the “Wearlink” version and the Soft Strap version works on all Polar products. I cannot vouch for whether or not Polar is making the “Wearlink” version any longer but I can tell you it works flawlessly with my Garmin pod. No more crazy 230+ BPM or dropped data. Good luck!