MMS 2011 Bible Study

Thanks Jarvis and Rod for setting up a great Bible study on Romans this year. For those of you that are interested we are meeting in Reef D at 7:15 for the rest of the week. Watch Jarvis’s blog for details about next year.DSC00150

Pigs fly! Microsoft leads in security according to InfoWorld

According to Roger Grimes at InfoWorld many leading security experts are giving Microsoft security accolades. Have a look at the article and decide for yourself but it does seem to me that the tide has been shifting for many years.

Some Notable Quotes from article:

  • “Many of the world’s most knowledgeable security experts are urging their favorite software vendors to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft.”

  • "Microsoft becomes high priest of secure software development." — CNET

  • “As an industry we should recognize the sea change in Microsoft’s approach to security… and encourage other vendors to follow Microsoft’s lead." — SANS NewsBites

  • “In 2004 Microsoft was a couple years into its Trustworthy Computing Initiative but it remained the software company IT security practitioners hated with glee…. That’s not so much the case today." — Computerworld

Dell site with drivers and walkthroughs for OSD for SCCM

Found this site from a post from Rod Trent a few days ago and I wanted to highlight it further. This site appears to have all of the drivers that you will need to deploy Dell Business Desktops through SCCM. This includes drivers and walkthroughs. Way to go Dell! Does anyone know if a site like this exists for other manufacturers?

Dell Business Client Operating System Deployment

Tim Pawlenty (MN Republican Governor) not running for reelection

OH MY… Let the campaign for 2012 begin. Most of you know that Mr. Pawlenty was a presumed running mate for Senator McCain. StarTribune Article

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

I have been running Windows 7 since M3, and I have to say I am VERY impressed. I can’t say that it is straight line faster than Vista but it doesn’t feel sluggish like Vista can at times. In that vein I came across a great article on Tips and Tricks that I wanted to share here. It is a great article and I encourage you to read it however. I wanted to call out a few of my favorite features.


  • The new task bar (Beta 1 and later), its ability to manage lots of windows is vastly improved. It groups things together but then when you click or hover it expands to show all windows with actual pictures (very hard to print screen). Also when you hover over one of the expanded windows it brings it to the forefront on your screen and removes other windows from view other than their outline.
  • The new calculator, I know simple right? It shows you what your calculations have been (Options | History)
  • Direct Access. No more VPN HORRAY!!!! This also gives me two factor login which I love.
  • Directly Mounting VHDs; this will prove to be very useful over time
  • Native burning of ISOs and IMG no more freeware app I worry about
  • Background images; now both RSS feeds and rotating pictures are supported


I hope that you find this useful, and no, I have not figured out how to deploy Windows 7 with SCCM OSD yet. I will though!

Learned something about SCCM OSD today, just not sure what!

I was attempting to do a build of Windows 7 and I was using an x64 boot image on an x86 build. During the image build process it actually downloaded PE put it on disc, and rebooted similar to a refresh scenario. The strange thing was it still formatted. After the second reboot (after it copied PE) it couldn’t find the boot record. I am not sure what happened yet but it would appear that you should match your boot image to your OS. Now this may be a Windows 7 anomaly so YMMV. If anyone else has some insight on what I saw speak up and I will try to repost with more detailed information.

Ever wonder why Office 2007 has the ribbon?

I personally like the ribbon in Office 2007 but there are some that do not. I think it is more intuitively designed and has made me significantly more efficient in creating large pieces of content.

With that said I recently came upon this post on Jensen Harris’s blog describing the history and reasoning behind the new UI. It is very informative and I think it brings a great new perspective on the ribbon and describes the consternation that the Office UI team went through when creating it.

The Deployment Guys : Documenting Your Task Sequences Automagically

I had this sent to me by my friend Grant and it is a great way to build some good documentation. Have a look you will be surprised at the simplicity.

The Deployment Guys : Documenting Your Task Sequences Automagically

Script to delete drivers from SCCM in mass

I will make no claim to ownership nor to having actually tried this script. However knowing how irritating it is to actually delete lots of drivers from CM I had to post this. It is taken from the TechNet forums apparently posted by someone from MS.


‘ Connect to the SMS namespace

siteNamespace = GetSiteNamespace()

SET objWMIService = GetObject( “winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!”_


SET drivers = objWMIService.ExecQuery(“SELECT * From SMS_Driver”)

numDriversDeleted = 0

‘ Process the results

FOR EACH driver in drivers


    numDriversDeleted = numDriversDeleted + 1


WScript.Echo “Successfully deleted “&numDriversDeleted&” drivers.”

‘ Utility function to search for the site namespace

FUNCTION GetSiteNamespace()

‘ Find SMS Provider

SET objSMSNamespace = GetObject(“winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=”&_


SET results = objSMSNamespace.ExecQuery(“SELECT * From “&_

“SMS_ProviderLocation WHERE ProviderForLocalSite = true”)

‘ Process the results

FOR EACH r in results   

        namespacePath = r.NamespacePath


‘ Fail if we did not find the site

IF namespacePath = “” THEN

        WScript.Echo “Failed to locate SMS provider.”

        WScript.Quit 1


‘ Return

    GetSiteNamespace = namespacePath


Update: Got my clear license plate cover ticket dismissed

A couple of weeks ago I got a ticket for a clear license plate cover that I documented here. I went to court today with pictures of it on and off and the very nice hearing officer dismissed it for me. She indicated that the officer will shine a light on the cover and if it reflects at all it is illegal. In addition if a rock hits the shield it would then be obscured which would make it illegal. I asked what happens if a rock hits the plate which she indicated was a good question but it didn’t matter.

So the short answer is I have to take the cover off the plate if I don’t want another ticket but at least I don’t need to pay $108!.