Dell Latitude XT first impressions

Got a chance to see the Dell Latitude XT on Wednesday and I thought I would make a few comments based on my experience. First and foremost it is going to be a good tablet. A good mix of function and form, I wouldn’t call it the prettiest tablet but it will for sure be functional. With that said a few comments broken up in pros and cons.


  1. The multi-touch screen is very cool, no problems with it detecting the palm when writing.
  2. It was surprisingly quick for a ULV processor, I was concerned about this but I didn’t notice a lack of snap.
  3. The full size keyboard due to the wide-screen is very nice, I currently have an x61t and the larger keyboard was a nice improvement.
  4. The drivers even on the Dell load appear to take much less ram than the associated stuff that you have to load on an HP or IBM / Lenovo.
  5. It hibernates out of sleep! (Note: the Lenovo won’t do this if you don’t have the Lenovo Power Management software installed)
  6. The docking station has DVI
  7. There is a built in smartcard reader
  8. The power supplies from the D series work with it


  1. The back end of the pen isn’t an eraser, I am used to that and I found it annoying.
  2. The vertical screen resolution is only 800; would love to see a higher vertical resolution screen, my x61t is 1400×1050 and I would miss that.
  3. The antennae whip for WLAN seems very flimsy.
  4. The hinge is as flimsy as the IBM’s and HP’s nowhere near as nice as the Fujitsu T4220
  5. You can’t buy it yet, should be up on the web for general order on 12/18.